How to Advertise on Taxi Cabs

Small business owners can benefit greatly from cab advertising. Find out how you can start increasing brand awareness with the help of this valuable advertising tool.

Advertising on taxi cabs proves to be a very effective form of advertisement, a good way to communicate with the public targeting both the local and national markets. Cabs offer citywide coverage for several campaigns and promotions and it is a powerful mobile advertising medium so that your business can reach your target audience. Cabs can inform people about your product and services by captivating them and even entertaining them. There are even cab advertisements that are so advanced in technology that the business owners have the capacity to remotely manage the content and put up-to-the-minute information on the digital displays on the taxi cabs.

Cab Advertising Guide

Business owners who are interested in placing their ads on taxi cabs must first search for advertising companies or agencies that offer such service. You also have the option to go directly to independent contractors such as particular taxi owners or taxi fleet operators. Going with advertising companies has its advantages and that would be their specialization in making the process more manageable for business owners. When going for independent contractors, you should be willing to do the various tasks involved in creating the actual ad unlike with ad companies who can do everything for you after you have provided them with the basic specifications and artwork. Before you start dealing with anyone, it would be best to check each of the advertising company’s rates, regulations and advertising space options that they provide.

You should, of course, go with the one that has the best offer. Many of them permit reservations and transaction confirmation online or through phone. You can also go to their office to discuss your last minute concerns or if there are any changes from your end. Many companies require a minimum of 10 signs per client and each signage costs $100 each as of November of 2010. Companies may also offer other packages that may interest you aside from the basic rate structure.

As a business owner, you must first check your desired specification for your ad and then decide on how many cabs you wish to place your ads on. Remember to always go over the contract thoroughly before you agree to anything. It is always good to raise questions to the company especially if there are things that are not clear to you. You can also consult a lawyer if anything in the contract concerns you. If everything seems right to you and you agree to everything that is stated in the contract, you can proceed signing it and make the necessary payments. Often, advertising companies require at least three-month contracts with business owners.

Once this is done, you can come up with your artwork design that you want for your advertisement and you have the option to shoulder the expense for the production of this, or you can opt to get this included in your package. The print or digital ads can also be produced by the ad company or once again, you can take care of it if you wish to do so.