Cab Advertising

One way to get your branded noticed by a majority of the local populace is by utilizing cab advertising.

Cabs have become a popular means of advertising and it is truly very effective because you will inadvertently find yourself staring at the brightly illuminated cab rooftop without actually intending to do so. This is very true especially when the cabs are piling in front of you during a red light while you are standing on the side of the street.

Benefits of Cab Advertising

Having said that, it only goes to show that this mobile form of advertisement is very effective and not to mention cost efficient, as it costs significantly less compared to billboards. Of course, rates may still differ depending on the cab company (and probably the state) but the average rate is roughly about $200 a month.

Cab advertising guarantees exposure 24 hours a day to a numerous range of audiences at any location and since it is illuminated; it can still be seen by night travelers and potential customers.

How to Do Cab Advertising

It depends on the company’s specifications but normally one panel may display three color images or four spot colors. What you would typically see on signs mounted on cabs are company names, logos, slogans or basic information about the company. Messages can be displayed on both sides of the cab mounted on magnetic signs attached directly to the car and this actually costs much less than the rooftop signage. The rear glass window is also used to carry advertisements.

Once a layout or design for the cab advertisement has been finalized, another major decision to be made is to select the cab company who will carry the advertisement and this is very important. The decision is sometimes made quite difficult because cab companies offer promotional rates to advertisers to entice them to partner with them in their quest for exposure. Provided that the cab routes are not restricted, the travel exposure would be on major highways, side streets, including the inner suburbia. Not only that, cabs usually take their passengers to highly populated areas such as shopping malls, clubs, concerts and restaurants. They can be practically seen anywhere and everywhere, by anyone and everyone.

There are cab companies that offer more for advertisers – their drivers are well informed about the product or service that they would be able to provide their passengers promotional information about the advertiser that their cab company are affiliated with. Other companies allow them to print cab fare receipts which they will pass on to all their passengers and this receipt will contain information about the cab company and the advertising company. What’s good about this is that often, the expense of this is handled by the advertising company and not the cab company.

Benefits for Cab Companies

The cab companies see the advantages that come with offering advertising with the use of their cabs because they find this as one way to stabilize the lease rates for cab drivers. It also encourages big tips from customers and sometimes the income created from this allows the cab owners to take on the rate increase to riders.