Taxi Advertising Companies in the US

By placing advertisement on taxi cabs, businesses will get more exposure and will be able to communicate their products and services to their target audience.

Cabs travel an average of 2000 miles per week and this gives them a much larger area to cover compared to on-foot or billboard advertisement. There were researches that were conducted which showed that most people perceive cabs to be cleaner and safer than most means of public transport, thus making it their preferred mode of transportation to get to places. They are definitely the first point of impression for tourists and visitors. Riding the cab is often their only means to get to places while in the state for business or leisure.

24/7 Brand Exposure

Cabs are sure to get a supply of customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and this is due to the fact that they are frequently required to go to places where people usually go like shopping malls, cities and other such places of spending.

The above mentioned are only some of the benefits that a company can get out of taxi advertising. When you talk about taxi advertising, it means you have the option to place branding either on the interior or exterior of the cab. Taxi advertising definitely offers the lowest cost per million compared to the other mediums used to advertise including print and online media.

Tying up with taxi advertising companies, you will have the option to avail packages that could include production of artwork for your banners and this would save you from going through all the tedious work that it entails instead of going for individual cab owners. Here are some taxi advertising companies in the USA.

Yellow Cab U.S.A. Inc.

3700 Galt Ocean Drive – Suite 610
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308
Toll Free Number: 887-777-7011

Omaha Taxi Dispatch

5402 L Street, Omaha Nebraska 68117
Dispatch Number: 402-333-8294
General Number: 402-339-6300

1-800 Taxi USA, Inc.

1954 Columbia Road North West Washington, DC 20009
Telephone: 888-250-4412


Tampa Bay Florida
Telephone: 813-417-4022

Nashville Taxi Advertising Company

Nashville, Tennessee
Telephone: 615-219-9227
Toll Free Number: 866-233-9049

Blue Line Media

1446 Armacoast Avenue #6 Los Angeles, California 90025
Toll Free Number: 800-807-0360

Marvin Taxi Advertising Co.

9045 La Fontana Boulevard, Suite #209 Boca Raton
Florida, 33434
Telephone: 561-4476800
Toll Free Number: 800-929-1025
Fax: 561-477-1819

Clear Channel Corporate

200 East Basse Road San Antonio Texas 78209
Telephone: 210-822-2828

Clear Vision Advertisement

7851 Mission Center Court San Diego California
Telephone: 619-543-9235

Global Alliance

777 Brickell Avenue Suite 1114 Miami, Florida 33131
Telephone: 424-248-0666

Billboard Connection

2121 Vista Parkway West Palm Beach Florida 33411
Toll Free Number: 800-237-1532
Fax: 561-640-5580

Metro Taxi

P.O. Box 26094 65 Industry Drive West Haven
Connecticut, 06516
Telephone: 203-934-2096
Fax: 203-937-0700

LVHotline, Inc.

1027 S. Rainbow Boulevard #283 Las Vegas
Nevada, 89145
Telephone: 702-577-8607