Taxi Digital Advertising

Advances in technology now allows companies to advertise to their prospective customers with the use of digital signages that can be placed inside or outside taxi cabs.

Businesses would go the extra mile in order to win more patrons, and to do this, they have a huge demand for advertising. There have been many means of advertising over the years and it has now progressed to electronic digital advertising which includes taxi cabs.

Innovations in Advertising

The success of the business relies on getting the word out to the public about their product and what it has to offer. A person running a business cannot just sit around and wait for prospective clients to come knocking at their door. You cannot expect this to happen if you do not advertise.

Print was the first mode of advertising and until recently, the main advertising mediums were magazines and newspapers. However, as technology progressed, news mediums that are paper based have lost their impact and can no longer catch the attention of prospective clients. Print advertising has evolved into many forms such as billboards, radio and television ads, online advertising and digital advertising.

Why You Need a Taxi Cab Digital Signage

Digital advertising on taxi cabs is a very innovative way to catch the eyes of many people at a lesser cost compared to TV ads. Taxi top digital advertising is a perfect way to advertise both during day and night. The units used have sun bright screens so that the LCD displays are visible and the cleverest part of all is that the screens are not small but are specialized stretch screens that come either in 28 inches or 38 inches. They are designed to display static digital advertising campaigns while it is mobile and then it would display a video when the cab is not moving. Every few minutes, advertising can be displayed to a new face which could entice around 10,000 potential customers every month. This is calculated based on the eight hour road exposure where roughly 100 passers will see it and if you consider that fact in the perspective that most cabs spend their time in cities, where the population is bigger, the estimation will certainly go up.

Increase of brand awareness is definitely a huge business that will surely bring in large sales, revenue and profit. This is the reason why a lot of corporate businesses are willing to pay substantial amount of money for optimal advertising opportunities. The hardware may be a major investment but the software can surely produced at a very cost effective price. The down time is minimal because the content programming is done remotely or with the use of Bluetooth with a compatible Bluetooth mobile or cellphone device, which also has an added value of promoting products or services directly to the consumers, informing them right away about promotions, discounts or freebies.

Mounting an LCD digital screen within a taxi is not only practical but also efficient in terms of displaying animated images. The screen or monitor can either be hung from the internal roof of the cab or placed on the underside of a tip seat that is back to back with the driver so it will face the passengers.