More Useful Tips for Cab Advertising in the United States

Advertising is allowed in more than 100 cities in the United States. Find out how you can take advantage of cab advertising to grow your business.

Many local start-ups opt for cab advertising since it is an inexpensive and fast method of communicating their merchandise or services to target audiences. Consumers can easily see the name of the business on top of the vehicle all day round. Lighted signs make it more attractive especially at night. Besides, taxis normally go to highly-populated areas where more people can see the logo of the company. Those who want to put more details can make use of the complete car wrap at a higher price.

Cab advertising is a practical technique considering that taxi units are seen by ordinary shoppers, entrepreneurs, rich individuals, and tourists. Here are additional tips for those who want to use this ad medium:

  • It is important to choose the cities where your target market can be found. New York City, Washington, Miami, Brooklyn, Las Vegas and Chicago are ranked among the upscale urban hubs in the United States. On the other hand, Memphis, Idaho Falls, Kansas, and Idaho are classified as small and inexpensive markets. This is a heads-up for business proprietors interested in cab advertising.
  • Allocate a specific budget for this purpose. Make the necessary computations. Once you have the estimate for a particular duration, compare the cost with that of newspaper or billboard ad placements. From this comparison, it is possible to find out which approach will be most cost-effective.
  • Choose the ideal format for cab advertising. The preferred layout is the taxi top because it can be seen immediately. Your name or logo is mounted on both sides with accompanying back light. The other formats are full body wraps, door wraps and trunks. The more resourceful advertisers try to mix these patterns for more optimum results.
  • Plan carefully for this cab advertising campaign. To begin with, choose the best day to launch the campaign which usually falls on a Monday. Peak months are during summer, Christmas holidays and July until September. Most advertisers prefer a four week period because this gives business owners sufficient time to impart their ads to target audiences. Another good alternative is a run of two weeks in case the budget is quite limited.
  • Look for a reputable taxi firm that accepts no-obligation contracts. Stay away from small companies which have little experience in this undertaking. In other words, you dictate the time for the ad campaign. Decide on your budget prior to asking for a formal quote from the company. There are companies that offer space for all cities in the country that allow cab advertising. Production and installation are usually done by the cab company as this is part of the package.

It is time to conduct an evaluation after the completion of the advertising effort. Determine if you were able to reach out to a maximum number of locations. If there is an increase of inquiries due to the ad, then your cab advertising strategy may be a practical option after all.

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